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The idea that partners in committed relationships elicit strong reactions in each other is self evident. That these passions are often overlooked in the therapy room is equally a reality. In this ground-breaking book, you will discover an innovative system for helping couples discover all of who they are. The Gleasons ask you to reconsider what it means to trust your intuition, make room for strong energies, work with the body, bring sexuality into the therapy room, and to elicit full emotional expression. Here you will learn to welcome the passionate, erotic, chaotic truths that are often kept under wraps in the therapy room. Exceptional Couples: Transformation Through Embodied Couples Work synthesizes modern developmental theories with the wisdom of somatic psychotherapy and reveals how "embodying" is fundamental to helping couples break their patterns of vitality destroying habits of interacting. The Gleasons invite you on a journey of the highest magnitude where couples can come fully alive. They generously open the door to their practice room, sharing in-depth case examples and effective strategies they've developed over the course of their careers. They ask you to come along with them and live in the mystery of yet-to-be discovered places in every relationship. The Gleasons met in in 1976 in clinical social work graduate school. They have devoted their lives to exploring how couples, including themselves, can have exceptional (beyond the ordinary) relationships.

Going All The Way - For Couples

The committed relationship is the perfect vehicle for accessing life’s greatest gifts. Deep pleasure, profound intimacy, personal fulfillment, and creative expression are some of the many gifts that the committed relationship is capable of providing. But for most couples these possibilities fail to materialize. Instead, partners silently slip into habits of interaction, which choke off their ability to access their immense potential. In Going All The Way, authors Brian and Marcia Gleason offer a model of relationship called the “Exceptional Marriage”. Safety and security are the trademarks of a passable marriage. The Gleason’s suggest a better option. An exceptional marriage creates space for partners to come alive. Such a relationship involves a radical commitment to support each other’s truth and greatness. In their broader vision of a committed relationship the Gleason’s encourage and invite couples to claim their human potential through unlocking their full range of sincere and transformative emotions. In most marriages, these responses are hidden, avoiding precisely those areas where the greatest potential for growth and fulfillment exist. According to the Gleason’s, a relationship is a living experience which allows couples to move between needs for security and connection and the human impulses toward adventure and creativity. By letting go of their “control patterns” partners can free up their capacity to laugh, cry, shout, tremble and soar together and individually. Going All The Way is a sincere invitation for couples to claim their emotional birthright and to have a truly Exceptional Marriage.

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Daniel Jenkins

Committed Relationship

I am a young entrepreneur living in the UK. Over the past few years, work has been very obsessive and our relationship was suffering because of it. Six months later after finishing the book, things are back on track and we just booked a trip to Rome. Thanks Exceptional Marriage.

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