Couples Counselling

Couples Counselling

Mentoring For Couples.

Couple’s Mentoring

Where Do We Learn How to be a Couple?

Who teaches us to navigate conflict, to get through hurt, anger, to raise children, about sexuality issues, to contend with the aging process? Who teaches us to be open hearted, to be real, to risk loving deeply, to fly together? Couples generally make the choice to seek help for their relationship when they are undergoing some sort of crisis or transition. For many this is a very tough decision. Some crises are tangible, such as when couples find themselves continually fighting, reacting to affairs,dealing with internet sex, or confronting addictive behaviors, depression, trauma etc. Other crises are less transparent. These are the couples whose relationships have lost their spark or are mired in the mundane routine of life. They come to work out what’s causing the relationship to feel so unsatisfying. Other couples however, show up in our office, with none of the above. They come for support and tools from mentors who have “walked the walk.” They want to feel more alive, be more real, confide in one another, have more pleasure, deepen their sexual intimacy, and to mutually discover the higher purpose of their relationship.

Private Sessions

Brian and Marcia assist couples in changing the patterns that impede their deepest connection. We invite couples into an exploration of their feelings, behaviors, needs and sexuality. Over the past four decades of working together, we have worked with many diverse situations, from communication problems, sexuality issues, addiction, to the impact of affairs. Our sessions range from one to three hours. We work with couples in the USA and globally through various online options.


Individualized half, whole day or week-end experiences with Marcia and Brian. For couples in crisis, or couples that want to bring their relationship to a whole new level of intimacy.

Same Sex Couples

We welcome same sex couples into EMM. We recognize that whereas some of the issues gay couples confront are unique to them, at the same time, basic human patterns, emotional reactions and needs are no different from straight couples. We have same sex couple’s mentors available on our faculty if that is preferred.

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