The Exceptional Marriage

As two people join together, their shared life can become truly exceptional when there is also a marriage of security and adventure, individuality and intimacy, harmony and conflict, the cozy and the erotic, the powerful and the most vulnerable. Long term commitment to a life partner is for many the greatest undertaking we will ever encounter.

We have spent the last 4 decades committed to discovering how to create an exceptional marriage. We were compelled not only by a professional drive to help other couples, but by our own personal desire to create a lasting and passionate union with one another.

What we learned was that marriage invited us to embark on a journey into oftentimes uncharted territory, deep into our own psyches and souls to discover the true meaning of relationship.

Why choose to have an exceptional marriage?

• Learn to express conflict in a healthy way

• Transform your lives using your marriage

• Learn how to overcome fears in taking more risks to bring aliveness, sensuality and spontaneity to your relationship

• Overcome negative habits of emotional exchange that originate in early childhood

• Increase intimacy by learning to increase emotional expression

• Move through painful interactions to not only repair, but to grow from the conflict

• Express sexuality more vibrantly

• Bring yourself fully to our relationship- body, heart, and soul

• Exceptional couples create exceptional lives