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Embodied Couples Work follows these major premises:

1. The “Four Es” – Expressive, Embodied, Emotionally Focused and Experiential.
2. Communication occurs on both a verbal and non-verbal level and couples need to learn to“dialogue” with the whole of their body/mind in order to create emotional resonance.
3. Conflict engagement is the doorway to deep understanding and growth.
4. There is a need for couples to incorporate not only mindfulness, but to embody their shared experiences.
5. The therapist must be willing to take “leaps of faith” to encourage a broader and more flexible range of expression for each partner.
6. That each couple creates a “shared energy field” from which both problems and breakthroughs will occur.
7. Couples connect through here and now experiences and not only by talking about their dynamics.


Professional Training in Brisbane, Australia (Full)

             February 9-12, 2018

This four day intensive workshop is designed for therapists to step up and support couples on a whole new level. To learn how to access the shared energy of each couple to support them in not only healing the past, but in becoming alive and connected in the present.

Imagine helping committed couples to feel more power, laugh more fully, desire each other more intensely, see each other in truth, have greater compassion for the other's struggles, engage in vibrant and constructive conflict and bring their highest selves to the relationship and the world. This training will allow you to open new doors to your practice as your bring into your work an innovative paradigm for helping couples.


  • Exploring the relational “shared energy field” and how to work with it
  • Assessing and working with the four levels of interactive experience (Reactive, Reflective, Mindful, and Embodied)
  • Identifying and intervening successfully with a couples “control patterns” (ritualized ways that each partner protects their vulnerability)
  • Distinguishing between childhood and mature needs as crucial to an interdependent relationship
  • Learning and practicing the template of emotional layering we call “Full Self Expression,” where couples can move from blame to deeper levels of vulnerability and back to love
  • Distilling couples conflicts to their essence using a process called “amplify and simplify”


  • Exploring the neuroscience; how couples engage in “fight or flight” arousal and how they can reclaim “limbic resonance”
  • “Metaskills” teaching couples the essential skills of resonance (the skills we already possess)
  • Exploring the transformative potential in conflict
  • Learning basic interventions to help couples move beyond reactive cycles


  • Exploring countertransference in working with certain types of couples
  • Practicing 3 levels of “embodied interventions” (Presencing, Leading by Following, & Catalyzing)
  • Gaining awareness of how your own parents relationship influences your work with couples.


  • Redefining sexuality; meaning of exceptional sex
  • Common sexual difficulties and how to work with them
  • Control patterns and sexuality; how to intervene

Books for Professionals


Certification Program Additional Requirements

1. Seven group supervision classes, once per month via zoom meeting,starting with a practice building group supervision. 

 2. Three additional modules on working with infidelity, trauma and sexuality including LGBTQ couples. You can do these modules in your own time frame in the form of an online course. We will be giving you additional relevant reading material as well and some homework assignments.

3. Six individual supervision sessions with either Brian or Marcia. We will support you in identifying your individual needs and areas of growth to make these supervisory sessions productive for you.